Come Sail Away with Me!


Come join me as I sail away on a lovely cruise ship this summer!  I will share more details in posts to come, but I wanted to let you know to be looking for adventure, amazing food, and a few funny stories coming to the the blog soon.

In the meantime, I have been thinking about ways to add more features to the blog, so also stay tuned for some changes coming.  I will be dividing the blog into three main sections:  Recipes, Adventures, and Tools.

The Recipes section will include the same great recipes I’ve included all along with easy printables.  In the Adventures section, I will be detailing some of my more adventurous forays into the kitchen, such as making my own homemade yogurt, canning, and soon-to-come: cheese making in your own kitchen!  In the Tools section, I will be highlighting the useful and must-have tools that I use on a regular basis in my kitchen.

So stay tuned- and don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

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