30 Day Yoga Challenge!

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I’ve always wanted to have a regular yoga practice, but it’s something that I’ve never put forth much effort into.  Sure, I’ve gone to a few random classes and I’ve got a mat at home neatly rolled up and put in a closet somewhere.  Years ago, I bought the beginning yoga DVD with Rodney Yee and did it several times.  But I’ve never managed to implement yoga consistently into my life.


There’s something about yoga that keeps pulling me back to try again, however.  It seems like a practical exercise that builds strength and flexibility, is cheap to practice, and doesn’t rely on good weather or going to a gym.   And it seems like something that I could start doing now that will pay dividends as I age.  I’ve noticed that my balance is worse.  It’s never been great to begin with, if I’m honest, and I’m only 42!  I picture myself at age 62 and 72 and 82, and imagine what I want my health and activity level to be.  Yoga seems like it might help me reach those ages in the kind of shape I’d like to be in.

So.  Are  you with me??  I’ll be starting out with my favorite local Austin yoga YouTuber, Yoga with Adriene.  She’s got a great beginning yoga practice playlist that I will start with.  I’m not going to set any time limits or major rules to this challenge.  I’d just like to do yoga for 30 days in a row.

I’d love to hear from you if you would like to join in.  Make sure you follow me on Instagram @kitchenwithkeri for updates and click Join on the upper right hand of this page so you can stay posted on my progress!


4 thoughts on “30 Day Yoga Challenge!

  1. Ok. I do yoga sometimes, however I should be doing my McKinsey exercises every day but don’t. You do yoga and I’ll do McKinsey. Ready get set go…

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