Dear (Yoga) Diary, Part 4

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Days 19-24

Forgive me if I jumble this whole week’s worth of experiences into one big blob of words.  I had a really busy week this past week at work.  Does anyone remember their elementary school book fair?  Well, that’s what we had happening in the library!  Fun times, but tiring as well.  And Carie, you are an amazing sport to be Clifford- thank you!!!

As a bonus for his week, my dad came to visit!  He retired 4 years ago and now enjoys telling everyone that he has Saturday every day.  He reads a lot, takes the dog for lots of walks, and also hunts for abandoned golf balls on the golf course right next to their house.  When he’s not doing those fun things, he helps my brother and I with projects and last week was my turn!  He replaced the door knobs and hinges on all of our upstairs doors, repaired my son’s closet door, repainted our baseboards in the kitchen and sanded and painted all of the window sills downstairs.  He also re-stained our deck as it was fading and needed a touch up from last year.  It looks great!  Thanks, Dad!  And my mom deserves the mother of the year award because she did 500 loads of my laundry when I went to see her.  Thanks, Mom!  <3  I had fun with you this weekend!


So after the crazy book fair days and parenting a teenager, I got to visit and catch up with my dad in the evenings.  It was so much fun and I can’t wait until we live closer.  What did all that activity mean for my yoga practice?  Well, I’m happy to say I did yoga every day except for one.  I find it easier after these 3 weeks to settle my mind and focus just on the mat.


Sometimes I still whine in my head about “having” to do my yoga before I pull my mat out.  But I kind of think that’s just how I am about any kind of exercise.  The neat thing is, doing yoga has taught me that I can breath through discomfort and still move with (some) grace and a smile.  So I’m learning to notice those thoughts, recognize them for what they are, and then let them go and move on.

Okay!  So one more yoga update next week and then we will be back to the regularly scheduled kitchen updates!  Several things are brewing in the kitchen and I can’t wait to share them.



2 thoughts on “Dear (Yoga) Diary, Part 4

  1. Dear Keri,
    The best thing about coming to your house, to help with projects is that I can!!
    Then the getting one on one time with you is a big bonus!!

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