Dear (Yoga) Diary, Part 3

Day 12.pngDay 12– Another day of outdoor yoga at the campsite!  I still felt really strange doing yoga in “public” but I persevered, ha!   I keep thinking of what Adriene said at the end of day 6:  May we see the truth, speak the truth, and feel the truth.  Those words are still working in my head.

Day 13– Today was a very relaxing day at the campsite.  I spent a lot of time napping in the hammock and reading my book.  We had our friends out and they fed us a lovely dinner of chicken and potatoes in foil packets with lemon and rosemary.  Yes, I have friends who bring gourmet food out to the campsite and they even bring pie for dessert!  Isn’t that the best?  Thanks, Charity!  We bribed the teenager to play a board game with us after dinner and Stephen even hauled out his massive telescope so we could see some stars.  It was a great day, and the yoga for the day consisted of Charity and I taking a deep breath before dinner and saying Namaste to each other.  Ha!  I felt guilty over missing a day of yoga, but then decided to just roll with it.

Day 14– Wow, the goddess pose is fun but man, taking it so low was hard!  My legs felt shaky and I for sure worked up a sweat today.  And am I the only one who has a hard time hiking my leg up from down dog to a lunge position?  I can never smoothly bring my foot up under my chest without several readjustments and sometimes literally grabbing my leg and pulling it where it should be.  Sigh.

Day 15.png

Day 15– I really needed today’s yoga practice called listen.  It was just what I needed after yesterday’s vigorous practice of strength and harmony.  Even bending over my outstretched leg is a challenge.  I can do it, but certainly am not able to wrap my hands around my foot at the same time.  I definitely have a ways to go there.  But I really enjoyed the pretzel like pose where we were balancing on our bottom and afterwards where we rotated one leg around and massaged the glutes- amazing!

Day 16– Today Adriene talked about self-love on and off the yoga mat.  I really craved today’s yoga session and it didn’t fail.  I love taking the time to stretch and move my body.  It seems so weird that I didn’t do this before at all.  How was I even connected to my body before?  I was mostly just a floating head.  But with yoga, I feel like I give myself just a half and hour each day to honor the fact that I have a body and to care for it, to move it, stretch it, love it, and relish the fact that I am able.

Day 17– Today’s yoga was just what the doctor ordered.  I spent all morning cleaning out the flower beds in the front yard, and I have to say, I can really tell a difference in the awareness that I had in my body.  Not only did I feel stronger and move easier, but I actually enjoyed the bending and stretching and I found myself being aware of my breathing and integrating that awareness in to each movement.

Day 18- My dad is here today for the rest of the week!  While dinner was in the oven, I managed to sneak in yoga.  It actually ended up being perfectly timed!  I really enjoyed the stretches today, since I had a bit of stiffness after the garden work yesterday.  It felt really great to work some more of that out.


How is your yoga practice progressing this month?  It’s never to late to jump in!  This challenge is NOT about perfection.  So what are you waiting for?



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