Dear (Yoga) Diary

Day 1:  I’ll be honest, a midweek start feels awkward, shouldn’t this start on Monday?! But on the other hand, I’m relieved I had some time to mentally prepare for the challenge earlier in the week, as I decided to jump in fairly impulsively. I have loved connecting with you all over Instagram, by text, and here.  Please reach out, it does make a difference.  Day one was fun because SURPRISE!  Adriene has a 30 day challenge already lined up that she started on January 2nd!  I had planned to do the beginner yoga series, but this already crafted 30 day challenge sounds perfect.  Day one was also fun because my friend Charity and I face timed while we did our yoga together!  Ha!  It was funny to see how her cat and my dog were both curious about what we were doing on the ground.

Day 2:  I had the day off, so yay!  Extra time!  That was a huge bonus and allowed me to do my yoga during the day when I would normally be working.  I continued in the same series with Adriene.  I have to admit that sometimes the plank (and other poses) made my legs tremble with effort.  But I absolutely love the way I feel after doing the yoga.  I became very aware and had to struggle with judgemental feelings toward my body today.  When we started with hands over heart, my boobs felt like they were in the way. When I was in child’s pose, my legs felt thick and I wasn’t laying as flat as someone thinner than I would.  I had to remind myself that yoga is for all body types and remind myself to be kind and loving.  Funnily enough, when I went to get my hair cut that same day, my friend and hair stylist, Sarah (Hi, Sarah! <3) commented that I looked like I was thinner, so there ya go.  We are always our worst critics, right?

Day 3.png

Day 3: I was feeling frustrated and hungry right before doing yoga today.  I also saw that today’s yoga workout was 34 minutes, which is one of the longer ones.  Surprisingly, though, time went very quickly.  I noticed tightness in my lower back again today and it feelt so good to spend some time working that out a bit.  I sit on a wobble stool at work, and I think my posture is not always the best, which is affecting my lower back.  The happy baby pose and rocking up and down felt so good!  Also, the breathing and just moving my body really helped with my frustration.  When I was done, I felt light and happy and so glad I started this challenge.  Yoga gives so much back!

Day 4:  Even though this was one of the longest sessions today, the time went so fast.  My mantra for these 30 days is simply 3 words:  Strength, Balance, Flexibility.  I want to increase all of these aspects of my body.  Being 42, I’m feeling conscious of the fact that I’m getting older every day!  I mean, I’ve got an almost 16 year old son and inside I still think “How is he 16 already, wasn’t I just in high school?!”  A few years ago, I lost my grandmother and it was very hard to see her decline as she aged.  My dad’s mom is in her 90s and still doing so incredibly well.  She’s my role model for aging well, because she is active and so mentally with it.  So these thoughts are in the back of my mind all the time.  What kind of an old person do I want to be?

Day 5:  Today’s yoga was so good!  I loved the emphasis today on connecting breathing to movement.  I got to Face Time with Charity and her little 3 year old tonight, it was so unbelievably adorable.  Already I feel myself being looser and more comfortable on the mat, so I’m excited to see what the rest of this challenge brings.  I struggle a little bit to make sure that I’m doing the poses correctly.  I find the breathing and the rhythm of yoga to be very grounding and stress relieving.

It’s not too late to join in if you want to join in!  Simply comment on any of my Instagram posts expressing interest and I’ll add you to each yoga related post to keep you motivated throughout the month.  See you on the mat!



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  1. Ok, so you have been my motivation to get back to my daily exercise, in the house. Outside, I walk Lily on average 2 miles a day. I also carry about 300 golf balls 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile every third day.

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