Favorite Things 2017

For those of you who have been hanging around for a year, you may remember last year’s Favorite Things party.  If you are new, let me fill you in!


Does anyone remember Oprah’s Favorite Things show where she would give away one of her favorite things to each audience member?  The idea is the same for the party.  All through the year, we think about what our absolute favorite thing is, and then we buy one for each of the other six friends who come to the party.  There are a few rules: the guest list does not change.  Everyone makes the party a number one priority on their calendar for the year.  And finally, there’s no dollar limit imposed.

How much is that doggy in the window?

As the creators of Christmas magic in our families, we felt a smidge overlooked when several of us said we were even buying stuff for our OWN stockings.  In an effort to bring a little bit of magic to the season for ourselves, we started this gathering, and now it has been 12 years.  Some of us only see each other the one time a year, others, much more often.  But one thing that has been unchanging is our dedication to the event and each other.


So welcome to the 12th annual Favorite Things at Sherry’s house!  I’ll give you an inside peek into the party.


Every year, the table looks amazing!  My mom does such a great job with this part.  All the little finishing touches are just right.  There’s usually a small gift at the table for each person, and this year, there were two- the placecard picture frame and a custom made wooden hanger on the back of each chair.


My mom’s house is always so beautiful.  I took several pictures.  Here are a few to enjoy!

I love the “stay awhile” frame and the pine cone print in the entry way.
Beautiful fall mantel decorations


She has such a green thumb!  I wish I had inherited that!
It was a gorgeous fall day, so even the outside was decorated!
I couldn’t resist photographing my gift and my mom’s gift before everyone came over.

When everyone arrived, we put the presents on my mom’s bed and gathered for drinks and appetizers.

Did I mention the other unspoken rule?  Everyone wraps their gifts beautifully!

We played a few fun games (no toilet plunger this year, darn it) and had a blast.  Then it was time for dinner.  I wish I had taken a picture of the entire spread, but it was amazing!

Here’s a snapshot from Instagram of the main course, though:

Creamy Chicken Alfredo

So what was in those pretty packages?  Here’s a peek at some of the gifts:


Collage 2017-11-26 19_46_58
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8 thoughts on “Favorite Things 2017

  1. You captured the essence of Favorite Things beautifully, only one small detail from the behind the screen effort…. the honey do list that has to be completed to ensure a perfect party.
    Love, Dad

  2. Keri, you did a great job on this…..I love how you captured the night with amazing photos and how you have given your readers insight into our fun event!! Tagging the gifts was brilliant! Thank you for being our in house photographer & blogger!!

  3. What a wonderful tradition! Love how Lilly made the group photo. 🙂
    So glad your parents have made her new life extra special. She is sooo loved!

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