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My mom, Sherry, is a very talented person!  All of her friends will tell you that she is a master of presentation and is a very thoughtful hostess.  She and her friend Marsha are the ones who came up with the idea of having our annual Oprah’s Favorite Things party.  It started with a lament that as the creators of the Christmas magic for our families, we often are even the ones buying and stuffing our own stockings.  So, we decided to have our own mini-Christmas and give gifts to each other!

This year marked our 11th  year of celebrating together, which is pretty darn miraculous.  I can’t think of many traditions that I have faithfully maintained for that long!  Each of us makes the party a priority every year and it is the first date we reserve on our collective calendars months and months in advance.  Marsha and Sherry plan intermittently all year for the details.

Marsha is incredibly gifted with graphic design, so she is the creator of our invitations.  And really, the invitations are a large part of building the anticipation (since we typically know the date well in advance of the invitations being mailed)!  Marsha also plans the games that we play.  We all get into the spirit of it.  Well, most of us, anyway- we drag Clare along into the fun, even though she says she doesn’t like that part!  Ha!  One day, I’ll have to tell you the game we played with the plungers and the toilet paper rolls…

Sherry plans the appetizers, dinner, desert, table decorations and hosts the event at her house most every year when we are not doing an overnight event.  I wish you could all experience being a guest at one of her parties.  She really thinks about the little things that make it such a fun experience.

Since I can’t invite you all, here are a few photos of the  decorations from this year’s party!

My mom has a green thumb (that I did NOT inherit).  These are on the walk that leads up to the front door.
Gratuitous close up shot.  Forgive me, I am having way too much fun with  my new camera.
Come on in!
First stop- the kitchen, of course!  Mom has these gorgeous clusters of decorations throughout her house.
Here’s a practical and beautiful arrangement on a tray.  That silver carafe was one of Oprah’s Favorite Things several years ago.  I think I need one this year for Christmas.  We will see if my husband is reading the blog.  Ha!
This corner is what is referred to as, “that place where the phone was.”  Mind you, my parents haven’t had a house phone for years and years.  But we all still know where we are talking about when we say it.
My mom’s new mirror in her living room- it doesn’t have anything to do with the party, but I love it so I had to take a picture of it!
Beauty even in the bathroom!
Here’s the dining room!  Isn’t that table beautiful?!
My place setting- so pretty!  The clock underneath is a cardstock print under a glass plate!  I thought that was a great trick!
Each of us had a little gift next to our plate, and inside was a cut glass clock to remind us of our evening together.
Our theme was, “Time with Friends,” so the centerpiece was perfect.
Here are the clocks from another angle.  I love how they sparkle and set off the greenery!

Here’s a quick shot of everyone’s gifts!

It makes me so excited for next year’s party!

7 thoughts on “Favorite Things Party Decorations

  1. Keri I LOVED seeing all the gorgeous little “spots” your Mom as in her house. She is very talented!
    I also really liked your place setting secret trick with the card stock picture. The table looked so incredibly elegant.
    Fun experiencing your tradition through amazing pictures.
    Keri you are becoming quite the photographer!

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