Happy Birthday


Happy birthday to me!  Gerber daisies are my favorite flower and hubby gets extra points for remembering.  We went out to eat for my birthday, so no new photos to share of dinner.  However, I did get an excellent birthday gift!!

I think I should name it.  Suggestions?


Oh, and I’m taking an online class so I can learn how to use it.  I highly recommend the class.  It’s for getting started with my specific camera, but the instructor, John Greengo, is very clear and thorough.  I’m intrigued by his Fundamentals of Digital Photography class.  I tried to take a class in person through my local university, but it didn’t make enrollment.  If that happens again, I may seriously consider taking this class.  I like the idea of face to face contact with the instructor and other students and I actually want homework!  But driving to a class in traffic can be such a drag after working all day.  I’ll keep you posted!


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