Kohlrabi Memories

My husband and I were exploring Sprouts market today after breakfast because I’ve seen that they have good prices on a lot of their produce.  We hit the jackpot and got tons of great fruits and vegetables while we were there.

As we were perusing the isles, Tim saw kohlrabi.  He immediately remembered eating it from his grandmother’s garden as a child- just sliced raw with a little bit of salt.  We had to add the bunch to our cart after that!

Vegetable Garden Green Gardening Vegetable Garden

I had never worked with a kohlrabi before, so I had to rely on his guidance.  After cutting off the leaves and washing really well, we were left with a round looking broccoli stem.


Tim said to peel the tougher outer skin off, so out came my vegetable peeler.  Tim suggested using my apple peeler to make thin peeled slices out of the kohlrabi.  We tried, and it was an epic fail, lol!  The peel didn’t all come off and the chunks were way too thick.  Oh well, nice try.  I ended up using the vegetable peeler and it worked fine.


You can see the outer skin in this shot where I’ve cut the root end off.


After peeling, I braved my mandolin to slice the pieces nice and thinly.  Don’t do what I did a few years ago and take off a layer of your finger with the mandolin.  Since then, I use it with great caution and always with the guard!


The pieces turned out nice and thin, almost like a homemade potato chip.  The flavor is a cross between a very mild broccoli stem and jicama with a faint sweet vegetable flavor.


Of course, I had to sprinkle some salt on a piece and give it to Tim right after it was sliced.  He said it tasted just the way he remembered.  There’s something so special about memories of food and family and childhood.  Kohlrabi-6

I looked up kohlrabi to learn a little bit more, and Wikipedia says it is actually prevalent in Germany and places in the United States with a large German immigrant population like Wisconsin.  That makes perfect sense, now, because Tim grew up in Wisconsin!  One more fun way to connect with our German heritage!


I spent a lot of time prepping in the kitchen this weekend for the upcoming week.  If you ever want a sneak peek into what’s going on in my kitchen, check my Instagram stories each Sunday!  I’ll save this weeks stories into a highlight, go check it out.




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