New Challenge: Almond Milk!

Y’all, I’m so happy!  I made my own almond milk!  This has been on my must-try list for a while and I’m glad I did it.


The hardest part was remembering to soak the almonds the night before.  They plump up so prettily afterwards, it’s really neat to see.  After you soak them, dump the water and rinse the almonds.  I’ve heard that its best to use fresh water in your recipe.

I saw many recipes on line to vary the richness of the milk you get.  I used one cup of almonds to two cups water.

Blend it up in a high powered blender for less than two minutes.



I blended mine for two minutes on high and next time I think I will blend it either less time or on a lower speed.  My mixture was steaming when I was done, and that didn’t seem quite right.

Then, I used my favorite ever thing-  plain floursack towels.  Line a strainer with the clean towel, pour the milk into the strainer and squeeze out all the goodness.  You will be left with flavorful, preservative free almond milk.

Those cheap plastic pitchers get so much use in my kitchen!  I use them to strain yogurt, now almond milk, and sometimes I even freeze homemade broth in them!

You can add sweetener if you would like, but I enjoyed mine plain.  I stored the milk in mason jars in the fridge.  It’s best to use it up within 3 days of making.

In other news, I’ve joined a photography challenge group online.  The goal is to submit 52 pictures in the year.  There’s a new official topic each week.  They started us out with a tough one- a selfie!  Oh, the horror!  Anyway, I’ve heard it said that your first 10,000 photographs are crap.  Let’s just say that this challenge got me much closer to the 10,000 mark, ha!  I took a ridiculous amount of pictures to just get two or three I was mostly happy with.


Yes, that is a crazy amount of books in my house!  For those of you who don’t know, I’m a librarian (shocker, right?) and I’m also on a book selection committee for the state of Texas library association.  That’s about half of the number of picture books I read for this year’s list.  Fun!

4 thoughts on “New Challenge: Almond Milk!

  1. Almond Milk! I am just soooo impressed with your kitchen skills!
    That pick of you…have to agree with your Mom, adorable. 🙂
    You are becoming such a great photographer, I saw a flyer yesterday in Georgetown for a gallery that is hosting photos of local photographers, thought maybe we could go check it out!
    Chat with you tonight, maybe we can make a plan!

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