The secret is out!

So, I’ve been quiet on the blog lately because I was making a bunch of homemade goodies as my Favorite Things gifts for our annual party.  But now that the party is over and the gifts have been given, I can talk more about the items I made!

First, I have to say how special all of these beautiful women are to me.  I love our time every year.  Everyone has made our gathering a priority and we eagerly look forward to it.  Nobody has missed a year, despite the ups and downs of life.

I’m using my phone as a remote control for the camera for the first time, maybe that explains the slightly crazy look on my face. Everyone was so patient! Top row is Nicole and Sherry, middle row is Jamie, Traci, Clare, and Marsha. I’m the one on the bottom!

I will write a detailed post about the party and the gifts that others gave in a later update.  Today, I want to share the goodies I made for everyone.

From left to right, I made cranberry vanilla granola, taco seasoning, homemade fig walnut jam, and vanilla extract!

Some of  you may remember my vanilla post from a while ago.  I just couldn’t resist posting about it because I had so much fun with the pictures!  But what I didn’t share is I made enough for my gifts!  The vanilla has turned such a lovely brown from the first photo.  When I give it a swirl in the bottle, I can see flecks of vanilla bean floating around- YUM!

This picture makes me so happy! I think because I love my home and I love these women, and this picture represents both!

I made little info tags for everyone on their gifts, so that they would know what it was, how to store it, etc.   I’m disappointed that this picture turned out so dark, but oh well.  That was before Jamie told me where the flash button was on my own camera…  ha!


Here it is all put together! I wrapped the jars and bottles together with my favorite sack cloth towels instead of tissue paper. I was praying the whole way up that the vanilla wouldn’t leak everywhere. Luckily, it all stayed intact!

I’m looking forward to sharing more party details with you soon!  But next up, be on the look out for details on the taco seasoning and the granola!

4 thoughts on “The secret is out!

  1. Keri sounds like such a special time you gals have together.

    Thanks for sharing your delicious fig and walnut preserve with me, it was over the moon tasty!

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