Weekly Meal Plans

The other day I went to make potato soup, and I wanted it to be like the kind I had invented a few weeks earlier, which was really good and creamy.  I wracked my brain trying to remember how I had made the potato soup, checked Pinterest to see if I had pinned the recipe, checked my Instagram account to see if I posted about it.  No, no, and no.  That’s when I got frustrated and said to myself:  Self.  You started a food blog so this problem wouldn’t happen any more!  So do something about it already!

Yeah.  This section is the answer to the whole reason why I started my blog to begin with.  I hate coming up with ideas for dinner.  I don’t mind cooking, I don’t even mind going to the store.  But someone please God just tell me what to cook!  And if I keep track of everything I’ve made, how I’ve made it, and if I like it, that sure does make it a whole lot easier to plan.

I ended up winging it to make the soup.  And it tasted okay, but still not as good as I remembered from the previous batch.  Then it hit me.  Last time I added a can of blended northern beans.  Damn.